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Informations about State(Chhattisgarh) of India

Chhattisgarh is among the recent developed states of India, located in the central plateau region. It a landlocked state surrounded by five other states. Raipur is the capital and chief city of Chhattisgarh which is dominated by its rich and dynamic Indian culture. There are many important places of attraction here including Hindu Pilgrimage temples. Hindi is the official and the main language of this state while some parts have effect Dravidian language and culture. This state is agricultural dominant area with abundance of nature’s goodness. There are many central level institutions including NTPC and BALCO. This state is famous for its Chitrakoot falls at Jagdalpur and Kundragarh temple located at Surajpur.

Male Population : 11158453
Female Population : 10994107
Total Population : 22152560
Details of Geographical Information About Chhattisgarh
State Name: Chhattisgarh
Country: India
Country ISO code: IN
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