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Surguja is a district in India lying in the state of Chhattisgarh with a total population of 1972094 people. There are 972044 female and 1000050 males in . In terms of literacy, with respect to data provided by NSSO ( National Sample Survey Organization) of 2011 it has been found that Surguja has a literacy rate of 60.01%. At the same time the population growth rate is 19.66% %.Hindu is the most followed religion with a percentage of 90.10% followed by muslim that is the religion of 3.45% people. Similarly, there are 0.03% JAINS BUDDHISTS are, 0.05% ,0.10% sikh and at last 4.13% christian.Besides that, the sex ratio of the district Surguja is 978%.

The Total population of Surguja is 1972094 with 1000050 Male and 972044 Female.

Male Population : 1000050
Female Population : 972044
Total Population : 1972094

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District Name: Surguja
State: Chhattisgarh
Country ISO code: IN
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