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Andhra Pradesh Kuntala Waterfall

Kuntala Waterfall

Kuntala Fountain one of the most well regarded fountains situated of Adilabad, Kuntala region Andhra Pradesh. It is situated at Kadem stream and that comes under the Neredigonda mandal. This is one of the biggest waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh state and it is having the height of 148 feet (49 meters). According to well-known and frequent regional perception Kuntala Fountain has got name after the famous Shakuntala, the dearest spouse of Master Dushyanth; the couple dropped of really love and were captivated by the picturesque attractiveness of the environment. The residents also believe Shakuntala was used to shower by this waterfall.

Formed through Kadam River, Kuntala drops flows down through 2 major steps and could be easily seen as 2 individual nearby drops after the optimum rain had taken place. This is 1 of well-known one day trips and this starts from Hyderabad. There is motorable street until the access way of drops from where steps will be made available to achieve platform of drops. The drops has been approximaely about 15 minutes (one way) stroll from access way.

Monsoons as well as post-monsoon are the best periods to check out Kuntala Falls. It is risky to get into water at end when discharge is great due to distinct stones and creativities.Public transportation is easily available until Neredikonda and this starts from where personal automobiles are made available to the passengers. Adilabad and Nirmal are platform channels. Nearest Airport: Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad Worldwide Terminal (280 km) Closest Train Station: Railway Station Adilabad (57 km)

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