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Arunachal Pradesh Nuranang Waterfall

Nuranang Falls

Nuranang waterfall (also regarded as the Bong Bong Falls), some hundred meters great, of Tawang region of state Arunachal Pradesh, Native Indian. It is 1 of most amazing falls of aspect of nation yet unidentified to many tourists. It can be found some 2 kilometres away and this is from the city of Jang on street linking Tawang as well as Bomdila, so is known as Jang Drops. There is little hydel position situated near the platform that produces power for regional use.

The Nuranang Stream comes from Northern hills of Sela successfully pass. Just below this fountain it grouped into Tawang Stream.

According to well-known belief, Nuranang River along with Nuranang falls are known as after regional Monpa lady known as Nura who had assisted a knight, Rifleman Singh Rawat Jaswant, Chakra Maha Vir (posthumous) of year 1962 War Sino-Indian and had later taken by China causes. The real conditions of Jaswant's gallantry are prosaic and no lady discovers a position there. It has been possible that name Nuranang had been given well before year 1962.

It came as to focus when music from film Koyla presenting Bollywood celebrity Madhuri Dixit, song Tanhai Tanhai was taken here and Sangetser Pond of year 1997. It was first shot from state proven of Bollywood film.

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