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Assam Akashi Ganga Waterfall

Akashi Ganga Waterfall

Within charming environment and stunning background scenes, Akashiganga is an enormous fountain near to Dabaka City, at the Dabaka-Dimapur Street of Assam. Situated 50 miles to south east of Nagaon, Akashiganga discovers discuss a sacred place associated with Shakti conspiracy of Kalika Puran. Pilgrims throng and take sacred dip of water-pool established nearby drops. There are many temples and their remains at end which are having tremendous historical significance. Designed of Twelfth millennium, these remains bring a natural appeal.
Akashi Ganga as of Nagaon region can be found beside Dabaka-Dimapur Nationwide Street (through Dokmoka). It is 50-kms, south eastern of the Nagaon town.

A Scenic Spot

Akashiganga contains substantial fountain. At feet of fountain, spread remains from rock temples could be seen. Most of designed elements from these remains had been moved to historical garden present near it. The remains are part of least 2 temples of Tenth and Twelfth hundreds of years AD respectively. Akashiganga has been well regarded for its picturesque elegance. Picnickers throng during the cold months season. It positions of pilgrimage and contemporary temples have jumped up at this position, which are frequented by enthusiasts all season around. Akashiganga also observe wild-elephant nuisance seasonally every season.

Akashiganga is huge fountain relaxing beside Nationwide Road Dabaka-Dimapur. It is 50 kms south east of this Nagaon city. It is a vacationer identify and a spiritual position.


Akashiganga derives name from popular Akashiganga waterfall. The Akashiganga history goes back till mythological times. This has been said that when Shiva lord wandered with system of Lord Vishnu Parvati (Sati) cut system of Sati of pieces. One of the Sati’s parts of system fell of waterfall Akashiganga. From then onward people consider this place as sacred and Goddess Parvati’s part of system fell here. Akashiganga also find mention a pithasthan of Kalika Purana. Pithasthan is holy place and that is associated with the Shakti cult.

Religious Importance

Akashiganga has spiritual significance to enthusiasts viewing the position as this is considered sacred position. Akashiganga has been sacred to enthusiasts as 1 of goddess Parvati’s parts of body dropped of the position. Several devotees will throng position throughout the season. They take sacred dip of encompassing water share established by Akashiganga fountain.

There are many temples of the position. At feet of fountain remains of forehead can be seen. The remains of 2 of temples are part of 10 as well as Twelfth millennium. They are huge ancient significance.

Akashiganga draws huge audience because of amazing attractiveness of the position. The major fascination of Akashiganga is unique picturesque elegance. Akashiganga has fluff fountain. It is clustered through people throughout the season as is also eat outside identify.

Visitors can get a glance of great Brahmaputra stream from Akashiganga. of Akashiganga the huge herd of monsters can also seen.

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