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Bihar Kakolat Waterfall

About Kakolat Falls

Kakolat is a name of fountain of Nawada region of Bihar, Indian.

Kakolat fountain is an amazing little invisible wonder of characteristics, located on wonderful Kakolat Mountain, located on boundary of Bihar as well as Jharkhand, just 32 kms from Nawada. This is 1 of most frequented and well known Bihar vacation, where visitors will come all over India and connecting places to observe the actual attractiveness of Mom Nature flowing fabulously. This Kakolat fountain of Bihar flows down from a size of between 155 to 165 feet and types a organic tank at platform of this fountain.

History Legend

According to tale, during the time of Treta Yuga epoch master had been cursed through rishi and it had taken form of python and resided of Kakolat. The position had been frequented by excellent Pandavas during the time of exile and this accursed master got solution from damnation. The master after getting rid of bane announced that 1 who would take shower of this fountain would not take yoni of a reptile, and this is why huge variety of individuals from far as well as near shower of these drops.


Close to Govindpur police station and this is located at range of 30 Kms through Nawada, this fountain is located. A natural tank of water has been situated at the end of drops. The elevation of fountain is approximately 15 feet. Dense luxurious natural woodlands circle the mountain, which types a spectacular perspective.


Eventually, this fountain has obtained much reputation and became well liked vacationer place. During hot several weeks, many visitors come here and have a picnic. A variety of different exciting aquatic activities are performed of the fountain. This position serves a huge reasonable during the occasion of Chhath as well as Baisakhi Shankranti. Apart from having immense importance as vacationer place, this Kakolat fountain has been also commonly frequented at enough time when big reasonable is organized on meeting of bishua as well as chait Sankranti. This is generally spiritual occasion with a 3 day mela, where enthusiasts take their shower of fountain. This Kakolat fountain has excellent traditional and legendary importance.

This position has been most liked by the children who really like to swimming of as well as out of this fountain or just leap from certain size again and again.

Nearby Attractions


Rajauli is picturesque identify enclosed by natural hills. Its kick off factor can be found at levels of the Chota Nagpur Level finishing at Kodarma as well as Jhumri Tilaiya. This Sekho Devra Ashram has been recognized through Narayan Jayaprakash and it got inaugurated by first Indian president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Hariya Sun Temple

This Temple Hariya Sun is at Hariya Town and is center of commitment for citizens of position. The lake near this temple is regarded holy and to have healing abilities and because of which it loves unique importance during well-known Chhat Puja, of Bihar. This Hanuman Temple, another fascination, is situated at NH-31 and base day is famous as the Akshay of the Region.

How to Reach

Nearest terminal as well as railways station is Patna and also the fountain is situated at Patna-Ranchi road. You can seek the services of cab or come by immediate bus until Fatehpur. From here you would have to get a cab or you can also use any of this regional transportation to achieve the forest where Kakolat fountain is. From this Jungle entry you would have simply walking on legs and to get at this waterfall

This was all significant information about this beautiful Kakolat Falls.

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