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Bihar Manjhar K Waterfall

The Indian state of Bihar is known for its tourist attractions. This is the main reason why tourists from all over the world visit the state. When it comes to tourists’ destinations or attractions, the famous Manjhar k falls or also called Majhar Kund falls comes of mind to visit. This popular water fall is located of the Indian state of Bihar. According to the Indian geography department, it is one of the best natural water falls of the country. The water falls of situated at Sasaram district, Bihar of India. However, there is also another important waterfalls is located which is known as Dhua Kund. This renowned waterfall has the capacity of around 50 to 80 MW power electricity.


If you have planned to visit the Manjhar K Falls then you need to visit here at the time of Raksha Bandhan (An Indian festival, celebrated every year). On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a big local festival is held near the water falls. Hence, the main attraction of this waterfall is religious festival, organized on Raksha Bandhan. If you want to know about the Indian culture and tradition then visiting on this festival will allow you to know about Indian culture, tradition and festivals.

How to Reach

If you have decided to spend your holydays or weekends of the natural lap then you need to visit this renowned water falls. Manjhar K Falls is located near to state capital Patna. Hence it is very easy to reach there. The waterfalls is well connected all the parts of the state via roads, railway networks and air. Once, you reach at Patna city, you may choose various transport facilities to reach at waterfall. It is a known fact that Patna airport is highly connected with major states of the country.

Best Time to Visit

However, you can visit at Manjhar K falls throughout the year but the best time to visit is March. The reason behind is that of the month of March, the climate become very fantastic. Hence, it is highly recommended that visitors should visit of the month of March. So be ready to explore the nature by visiting this renowned water falls of Bihar state.

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