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Chattisgarh Satagawan Petro Waterfall

Satagawan Petro Falls

Satagawan Petro falls: This place has been set against background of amazingly wonderful atmosphere. Among heavy timber, you could see fountain.

Satagawan Petro falls: Satgawan is1 of such locations located of lap of the nature. Enclosed by mountains, this has petro-fall of heavy woodlands. One can easily go till petro drops from the Fatehpur more at NH 31 as well as between Rajouli and Nawada, moving through Govindpur, Akbarpur block of the Nawada region.

Places of Interest

Tilaiya Dam

It is first Dam as well as hydro -Electric energy place designed through Damodar Place Organization across the Barakar Stream, of this region. This dam is approximately 1200 ft lengthy and 100 ft great located of a perfect around with a wonderful tank of 34 sq km area.

Urwan Vacationer Complex

Few kilometer from Tilaiya dam is this Jharkhand travel and leisure Growth Vacationer Complex present at Urwan, where you can consider hanging out by part of this dam, where you will appreciate sailing and other aquatic activities. Fascinated visitors can adhere to Primary Street and generated towards Hari Har Dham and this is at Bagodar which is popular for 50 feet great Shiv Ling which had taken 30 decades to finish and is considered as the highest on the globe.

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