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Goa Dudh Sagar Waterfall

About Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar waterfall is tiered fountain situated on Mandovi Stream of the Goa state, India, at Goa's boundary with Karnataka state. This is 60 kms from the Panaji.

Dudhsagar is 1 of most beautiful falls that can be found of India. The falls lie great up of Mandovi River's watershed and are not specificly amazing during dry year. During the time of monsoon year however, these falls are modified into 1 of most highly effective falls of India.

Dudhsagar waterfalls are detailed as India's fifth highest fountain, and 227th on the globe at 300 m. The water plummets thousands of feet of bulk during monsoon year, developing 1 of most amazing organic phenomena at Goa. It is main issue with this Goa environment. This is 4 tiered fountain with complete size of 300 meters (1015 feet) and typical size of 30 meter (100 feet).

History / Legend

Tale has been that a wonderful queen resided of woodlands on edges of King's structure reasons. She experienced showering of pond close by and ritually consumed milk sugary from Fantastic Jug upon completing with her shower. One day she while experiencing her milk jug she had found herself being viewed by attractive royal prince amongst the vegetation. Red with discomfort at her insufficient showering outfit, the Princess added the milk jug of front and formed an improvised layer to cover up her body, while 1 of service personnel hurried for covering her with dress.

The sugary milk flows down Hill Mountain on this day as honor to benefit and modesty of this Princess.

Location and Surrounding

The waterfalls are located of boundary of Goa and Karnataka and streets resulting of are managed by Goa Forest Division, and got shut of rain. The streets are again started out from month of Oct. At its platform, there is small pond. One can shower and of its own risk. There are fish of river and water is also very cold, even during the noon time. The Fountain is located inside Sanctuary Wild Life Bhagwan Mahavir at Collem and that lies of Southern Goa along the European Ghats.

The region is enclosed by deciduous woodlands and there have been many varieties of untamed birds, bugs, vegetation and creature are plentiful here.

Location and Surrounding


Take dip of relaxing awesome, Lovely Ocean at Water Fall. However, snorkeling is not allowed here as bottom could be bumpy with unforeseen absolute depths. There are sign board functions as harsh indication of people that had died diving or snorkeling at e drops. As always recommended, don’t project into water especially if you cannot do swimming. Bring a couple of Field glasses and observe a range of Parrots, bugs and creatures. Or just observe the lots of Apes perform their maneuvers. Hiking through the woodlands paths is exciting activity for devoted trekker. Amazing stone climbers can attempt going up the extreme Stones up to source of these drops. Take a Hippo drive through woodlands, at woodlands eco camping.

Visit Devil’s Canyon

This is well regarded place and known as the “kond Devcharacho” which basically when converted from the Konkani means as ‘Devil’s Canyon’ as well as it is wonderful piece of geological stone development, wherein stream Khandepar goes through haven and have cut across basalt stone development thus making its suspicious name. The detail water here is expected as to be fathomless and highly risky for diving.

Best Time to Visit

The most enjoyable climate is during the months of Nov and Feb. April to May are usually heated and irritatingly moist. The Monsoon several weeks of July till Sept, are most picturesque when whole area is lavish and natural, however during the several weeks the access drops can be cut off and due to filled waterways and massive amounts of water flowing down drops.

Fees / Permits

The Woodlands Division expenses an entry fee of- Rs twenty/- for every single person. A Still photographic camera allow costs Rs three hundred/-, and professional photographic camera allow could cost Rs five thousand/-

How to Reach

By Road

These Water falls could be easily achieved through street, from the Collem which is Nationwide Road (NH-4A). The entire Interstate Busses stop at Mollem and where the Recreation area workplace is situated. You can easily take regional bus towards Collem from highway or through Ponda, which is closest town. Route is: Panaji to Old Goa to Ponda to Tiska-Mollem. (55 kms) Margao to Ponda-Tiska to Mollem (42 kms)

Nearest Station By Rail

Collem (South Main Railway); Route: Collem to Mollem - 6 kms

Carambolim (Railway Station Karmali - Konkan Railways), Route: Carambolim to Old Goa to Ponda to Tiska to Mollem-50 kms, through Road.

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