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Goa Kesarval Waterfall

Goa is renowned for its waterfalls. Visitors all over the world visit the state of order to explore the beauty of natural waterfalls.The famous Kesarval Waterfall is situated only 22 kilometers distance from state capital Panaji. It is located amidst very tropical forest area and beckons. Moreover, the only path to reach this natural waterfall is 1950s made steps. The area surrounding is very eye catching and healthy. Apart from aforesaid advantages, the water of this natural waterfall is considered as very healing. This is the main reason why most of visitors like to dip of Kesarval Waterfall.

Best Time to Visit

If you have planned to visit Kesarval Waterfall then you can visit here throughout the year. However the best time to visit this natural waterfall is between the months of June to September.

How to Reach

It is very easy to reach at Kesarval Waterfall as it is situated only 22 kilometers far form state capital Panaji. It is a fact that Panaji is well connected with all the major parts of the country. Hence, you can visit at Kesarval Waterfall by various transport modes such as railways, air and by roads.

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