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Jammu & Kashmir Kokernag Spring Waterfall

Kokernag Spring

Kokernag also known as kukernag, initially called Bindoo Zalangam, owes its present name to the water springtime which gushes out of base of heavily wooded mountain from where it separates of various programs similar to nails of henand hence name Kokernag.

As per famous tale, a st. Gushwami frequented Kokernag along with pail. While he was doing relaxation, few ladies came of search for water but cannot discover it until they identified the of their deep sleep and bucket. Supposing that pail have water they had came close to and started out pail only to discover snakes inside it. The snake’s runaway as soon as lid was started out and crept on ground modifying its shape to that of poultry. It dug ground of land by its feet and water had gushed out through these locations wherever it dugs. The st. started out his sight and water stayed of form of nails and therefore the name Kokernag.

Situated at size of 2000 mts from the sea level of Bringhi area, Kokernag features of collection of rises, expansive landscapes fresh with the flowers of large number and variety of plants, biggest water springtime, fish sources and huge fish village.

The most exciting and wonderful sites of the Kokernag is Kokernag springtime, Papshudan nag, a waters springtime with cool and dazzling water that is clean which pockets at seven locations at foot of woodlands mountains. This springtime is biggest water springtime of Kashmir and also considered wonderful and healing. Its waters are expected to obtain therapeutic and intestinal qualities. Historically, Kokernag and close by areas have been announced as the earliest city human places of world going back to 5000 BC.

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