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Kerala Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikkuzhi Drops (not to get puzzled with the Aruvikkuzhy Drops Kerala) is fountain of Indian. It has been situated 2 kms from the Pallickathode. The fountain flows down hills from size of 100 ft.
Aruvikkuzhi waterfall is wonderful eat outside identify situated 18 kms through Kottayam city, and 2 kms down mud road through Kumarakom. Here sources reptile through the scenery that home amazing rubberized farms and gushing ocean create gurgling sounds that are cure to hearing. The fountain at Aruvikkuzhi is significant fascination, splattering down hills from size of the 100 ft.

Sparkling Streams

Aruvikkuzhi is wonderful eat outside identify where dazzling sources create tinkling sounds like anklets as create their way through scenery and waterfall shout as they stream down hills from size of 100 ft. Guests could also appreciate colour of rubberized farms here among which several little sources gurgle previous offering songs to hearing and awesome and relaxing environment.

As compared to relaxing energy of steams, is thundering audio of the several waterfalls at the Aruvikkuzhi which seems to crack reveries of which guest has been missing himself. Hurrying down an excellent size, the fountain provides an image of spectacular elegance. It will not be incorrect to sentence that Aruvikkuzhi fountain provides with it wonderful top quality that attracts visitor at very first look.

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