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Kerala Athirappalli & Vazhachal Waterfall

Athirappalli and Vazhachal

The two stunning and grand drops, Athirapally as well as Vazhachal are situated just 5 kms apart, on verge of Sholayar woodlands varies. The Athirapally drops a part of the Chalakudy stream after rapidly declining down 80 ft. The awesome apply that includes a large area near the drops creates Athirapally a picturesque place. The stunning Vazhachal fountain is near to heavy organic jungles and is an aspect of Chalakudy stream.

Getting There

Nearest Train Station - (Major station) Thrissur about 62 kms and Chalakkudy, about 30 km

Nearest Airport - Cochin Worldwide Terminal, about 55 kms from Thrissur.

Athirapally as well as Vazhachal Waterfalls are 2 attractive and fantastic drops, situated at range of just five km, on boundary of Sholayar woodlands varies.

Athirappally Waterfall is situated at range of 85 km through Kochi, of the way to Sholayar varies, fountain is recommended eat outside place as of woodlands area. The waters at Athirappally Waterfall stream about 80 legs great and connects Chalakkudy River. The attractiveness of fountain increases as is combined with picturesque place that creates quality into exhausted spirit.

The stunning fascination of Vazhachal, eat outside identify is simply generate from Athirampally. These dazzling drops of dense organic woodlands are aspect of Chalakudy stream circulation.

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