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Kerala Kaalakkayam Waterfall

Kaalakkayam Waterfall

It is year of Monsoon and waterways and water systems of Kerala are suffering from new take on life. If you have been person least worried about hanging out of timber during rain and prepared to take some danger and observe fountain of complete wonder, then go for Kalakkayam fountain of jungles near Idinjaar at Thiruvananthapuram Region.

To achieve Kalakkayam through Thiruvananthapuram, 1 have to come through Palode, this is 34 km from town. From Palode will take difference to achieve Peringamala. Take right convert through Peringamala to achieve Kurisadi through Idinjaar, 12 kms away. Since there is no signboards resulting of drops, from Kurisadi, 1 may search for regional support to achieve the identify drops.

In as well as around the Kalakkayam drops, it is atmosphere that contradicts terms. The fountain is part of Mankayam flow that starts of the Agasthyavanam woodlands. A share established at platform of the fountain is indeed value dip and the awesome water simply enlivens your body. While trying to combination the flow to achieve fountain, one need to look at action, as there is moss protected stones, which have been quite slick.

The woodlands close by fountain is also great identifying to look at parrots and other varieties of wildlife and plants. A pathway along flow to discover the attraction on either side is another choice for people who would love simply walking around bit.

Getting There

Nearest Railway Station - Central Railway Station Thiruvananthapuram, about 55 kms.

Nearest Airport - International Airport Thiruvananthapuram, about 65 km.

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