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Maharashtra Dugarwadi Waterfall

Dugarwadi Waterfalls

Dugarwadi Fountain is 1 of best natural beauties that are present of Nashik. This wonderful waterfall can be found just 35 kms from capital city - Nashik. It could be found roughly 2 miles off Jawahar Street. The sport and characteristics fans simply love taking 1 day trip at Dugarwadi and feel a vivid soul of monsoon year. Dugarwadi is good spot to discover the attractiveness of characteristics especially of the monsoon year. The heavy woodlands, waterfall and clean air are alluring. It completely makes 1 ignore about hustle-bustle, pressure of the town life. The only disadvantage of Dugarwadi is solitude and deficiency of security. So team visit is to this position is more recommended.

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