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Maharashtra Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall

The Vajrai Fountain is 27 kms from Satara town. This is located near Sahyadri mountain as well as Kas level (Kas plant valley) area. This Vajrai waterfall is 1 of India's highest falls. Its size is around 1,845 legs (560M); due to which, the Bhambavali Town have become very unique. Many individuals come from all through Maharashtra to check out position, especially during rainfall.

During the whole year it has excellent circulation of water. This Urmodi dam venture is depending on waterfall's stream. The homeand of Urmodi River is begun from the Vajrai waterfall. You will encounter large rainfall drop here. This position is complete of organic charm and has an enjoyable environment.

To encounter you will need to check out Vajrai Fountain of rainfall. This position, which is known as the Vajrai, is devotional position of Bhambavali villagers. Around waterfall there are many destinations such as sailing at Tapola and cavern which entice many visitor not from Indian but from globe.

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