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Meghalaya Beadon Waterfall

Meghalaya-Beadon Falls

Beadon Drops is 1 of the 2 falls streaming through a group of mountains at an elevation of 1,495 metre. The site has been located among heavy woodlands, which is environment to wildlife like leopard, crazy kitties, langurs, and deer as well as fowl varieties.

Maintaining the good circulation throughout season, the fountain operates down of disjoint flows of almost 100 legs to grind stones below. Visitors can observe superior water of the falls streaming through. It also provide an opportunity to tourists to travel of area. Beadon Drops along with the Bishop Drop move down same variety to deep area.

Visitors will come of huge numbers for visiting obvious water circulation and stunning environment throughout the season. Furthermore, nations have designed a RCC Perspective for tourist to get a mesmerising perspective of the autumn. of addition, Mawlai Lines Sub-Station has been frequented by tourists to observe the perspective of double falls.

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