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Meghalaya Kynrem Waterfall

Kynrem Falls

The Kynrem Drops is situated 14 kilometers (7.7 mi) through Cherrapunji at Khasi Eastern Mountains region of Native Indian.

Meghalaya state. This is situated inside Thangkharang Recreation area. This is 7th maximum falls of Native Indian.

The Kynrem Drops is a 3-tiered falls, with water dropping from size of 304 meters (1,000 ft).

Sohra, previously called as -division Cherrapunji sub of Eastern Khasi Mountains region of Meghalaya, is set a level on southeast hills of this state. Sohra is marked with falls streaming over the deep gorges.

There is instant streaming waterways and sources circulation of southerly route to flatland. Sohra is (35 mi) 55 kilometers from Shillong, this state capital. The common yearly rain fall is 13,000 millimetres (450 in). The biggest documented total yearly rain fall was (966.7 in) 25,555 millimetres of 1975. Sohrarim was unique Cherra town but English set up their head office further southern. The town came as to known as the 'Sohra' or also Cherrapunjee present day.

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