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Tamil Nadu Ullakarvi Waaterfall

Ullakarvi Falls

Ullakarvi (In Tamil, 'ullakarvi' generally indicates 'universal falls') is a fountain on the European Ghats mountains near Nagercoil of Kanyakumari Region, state Tamil Nadu.


An Ullakarvi drop is about 30 km (22 mi) through Kanyakumari city and about 18 km (11 mi) through Nagercoil city, near to Azhakiyapandiapuram town. The drops is up of the center of wooded mountains (the mountains of European Ghats), which is available only by feet from platform of the mountains. The hour's travel from platform of mountains is through bumpy, wooded area, which is fascinating of itself. On an obvious day, you can perspective the falls from the platform of mountains through undressed eye, or better through binoculars or zoom contacts. There are two drops - the reduced drops, which is an excellent eat outside identify, and greater drops, which is constant. The water is generally springtime water, arriving of as flow up from mountains close by.

Lower Falls

The reduced part of falls, and identify one gets to after the travel. This is an excellent eat outside identify. The perspective from identify of the plants below the mountains is fascinating. Best to have shower and rest for a time. The water here is awesome even during the hot several weeks, though the water flow is less during summer months season time.

Higher Falls

To achieve the Higher drops, one needs to go up about 200 m (660 ft) constant.

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