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Tripura Dambur Waterfall

Dambur Falls

Dambur Drops is an eye-catching fountain that comes from above Upland Mountain, at resource of stream Gomati. The resource of Gomati is known as Tirthamukh. The Hydel first Venture of Tripura is set up on the stream.

Dambur Falls: The fascination of Dambur Drops to visitors viewing Tripura is tremendous. Sources of water from above mountains are dropping on world at mouth area of the Gumti stream. The audio of dropping water makes a musical observation. The whole path is one long pathway of fabric of natural charm. By side is source or coming point of the Gumti or Goumukh and also Tirthamukh. The tale is that foot-print of Master Vishnu has been made available at the Tirthamukh. The sacred dips here deliver punya (blessings). 3 days Kharchi event of tribals is also a fascination to the visitors. Vibrant mela (fair) is also organised. Tribals of nationwide outfits from far off locations come to join of event.

The 1st Hydel venture of Tripura is on Gumti, 110 kms away through Agartala. Dam have been designed, synthetic pond had been designed on the area of 40 sq km. There are 47 isles of this stream. Lichi, grape, blueberry and lemon are increasing on all isles having enough woodlands area.

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