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Tripura Ham Ham Waterfall

Ham Ham Waterfall

The most awesome water drops of Tripura 'HAM HAM' discover the invisible beauty of Hamham water fall. Who challenge to discover true crazy life and see great Ham Ham Waterfall?

The complete strolling time is about 2 half an hour to reach the location. If you strategy to shift to see the waterfall, following prevention preparations should be done:

1. Be psychologically ready simply walking on simple feet.

2. Carry a little package with you and for holding a photographic camera, If possible GPS, a water container and light aid items.

3. Keep of mind to get information from the guides for leading you.

4. Have bamboo stick keep while strolling to prevent falls and slips. The whole path is full of different types of scenery. From very starting point you would be strolling through woodlands with some little hillock.

5. After strolling through this for 30 minutes, you would have to go down of natural cannel where you would have simply walking trough water. The size of this stage will differ from rear foot stage to your upper leg, time to time.

You might discover some people reducing bamboo bedding around that water fountain. If you don’t fulfil them en path, you would come across extraction of bamboo bedding removal of that fountain. Be very cautious while strolling through those as prevents leg damage.

In many locations, you will discover the end surface of the water fountain is with rocks.

You need to get more cautious while strolling through those because they are slick. That is why described for adhere to use as support.

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